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Rec-League Volleyball

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Rec-League Program:

General Information

What do you need?  Indoor gym shoes, comfortable shirt, shorts, or spandex.  Knee pads are highly recommended and we have many brands and sizes to suit your needs.  It is inevitable you will go to your knees at some point and we want you to be protected.  


What else should you bring to your practices/games?  Bring a positive attitude, a smile on your face, and a willingness to learn.  If you give us full effort and a willingness to learn YOU WILL IMPROVE.  We have many coaches that have been with us for years and they are the absolute best.  Many have played in college or coached club volleyball, so you are not getting a volunteer.  You are getting someone qualified to teach your son or daughter the skills needed to improve and excel.

This is a Tuesday/Friday program. There will also be a Mid-season and an End-of-Season tournament on a Sunday.  Practices last one hour and the Friday night matches also last one hour.  You will receive your uniformed shirt at your second practice.


Click HERE to register for the upcoming Holiday season that begin Tuesday Oct 24th and ends Sunday December 17th, 2023 

League Age Divisions and Cost:

·         Pee Wee (4-8 year olds) –           Fee $149

*         Juniors 10 U (9-10 year olds) -  Fee $199

·         Juniors 11-12 (11-12 year olds) –  Fee $199

·         Teens Lower (13-18 year olds) – Fee $199

*        Teens Upper (15-18 year olds) - Fee $199    (Highest Level Competition)

League Practice Times:

·         Pee Wee Division (5:30pm) –                     Tuesday evenings

·         Juniors 10 U           (5:30pm or 6:30pm) - Tuesday evenings

*        Juniors 11/12            (6:30pm) -                    Tuesday evenings

·         Teens Lower           (7:30pm or 8:30pm) - Tuesday evenings

*        Teens Upper           (7:30pm or 8:30pm) - Tuesday evenings



League Game Times:    

·         Pee Wee Division (5:30pm) – Friday evenings

·         Juniors (5:30pm or 6:30pm) - Friday evenings

·         Teens (7:30pm or 8:30pm)  -   Friday evenings


There are some Juniors/Teens teams that may elect to have a Sunday practice

If you choose to NOT practice on Sunday and ONLY want to practice on Tuesdays, please let us know in advance.  Thanks!!

Our Mission

Our mission at UpOnTop Volleyball Volleyball Academy is to enhance fundamentals, advance skills, and build confidence for our student-athletes both on and off the court. We are focused on each student-athlete to assist in their development as an individual, volleyball player, student, and teammate. We consistently provide developmental opportunities that allow our student-athletes at all levels (developmental, competitive, and elite) and strive to reach their next level of performance. At UpOnTop Volleyball Academy, we consistently strive to provide an unmatched overall experience and value for our players, families, and staff.  

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