Vero Beach 2021 IG Center Spring Rec Practice Schedule

Coming Soon


6:00pm       Pee-Wee's (4-8 yr olds) and Juniors (9-12 yr olds)

7:00pm        Teens (13-17 yr olds)


Port St Lucie 2021 Summer Rec Volleyball Practice Schedule

(Coming Soon)

5:30pm  Court 1     Juniors Hever, Juniors Piper

5:30pm  Court 2     Juniors Ashley

5:30pm  Court 3     Juniors Billy

5:30pm  Court 4     Pee-Wee's (4 to 8 yr olds) 

6:30pm  Court 1     Teens Hever

6:30pm  Court 2     Juniors Katie

6:30pm  Court 3     Juniors Mya

6:30pm  Court 4     Juniors Paty

7:30pm  Court 1     Teens Aimee, Teens John

7:30pm  Court 2     Teens Mya

7:30pm  Court 3     Teens Stefanie

7:30pm  Court 4     Teens Tim Jr

8:30pm  Court 1     Teens Beth

8:30pm  Court 2     Teens Billy

8:30pm  Court 3     Teens Piper

8:30pm  Court 4    Teens 

6:00pm Court 1     Teens Felicia