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UPONTOP Volleyball Academy's

Facility growth throughout the years...

UPONTOP Volleyball Academy started small and has grown alot in the past 6 years since our inception in 2011.  We started with only 1 volleyball court with walls close to the end lines in October 2011.  


We then expanded to 2 courts in Febuary 2012, 3 courts in April 2012 and then to 4 courts in September of 2015.  


In the near future we are hoping to have a new facility with 4-6 volleyball courts, pro-shop, concession stand, and much larger restroom facilities.   Let's keep the Volley Alive St.Lucie!

October 2011


This Is a photo of the first UPONTOP Volleyball court when we first opened in October of 2011.  We had just layed the entire flooring ourselves and we were tired and sore but also so proud of the job we did.        Just look at that floor shine!  

Febuary 2012


In Febuary 2012 we expanded and added another court for a total of two courts.  Two months later we added a 3rd courts in April 2012 and we were off and running with 3 volleyball courts.  Two full size courts for official games and the third was good for practices.  By expanding to 3 courts we were able to provide more children the opportunity to play and not be turned away as most youth programs do. 


At UPONTOP we feel no child should be left behind!

September 2015


In September 2015 we expanded to four Courts.  Of which, three are full size game courts and one would be a practice court thus allowing us to accomodate more and more youth players.


Unfortunately we have reached our max capacity and there is no more room to expand.  We are looking for a new home, one that will allow us to grow, expand and introduce more and more people to the excitment of Volleyball.

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