Make-Up Club Volleyball Tryouts 2021/2022 Season


Tryouts are Saturday July 31st.   Register for tryouts by clicking HERE


UPONTOP is the Home of the 2020 12's National Champions 

                                                        2021 13's National Championship 3rd place 

Club Volleyball is back!   UPONTOP Volleyball Academy is ready to roll!

The Club Registration/Tryout Fee of $50 is 100% refundable, if you are not selected to a team.


Come join our Volleyball family and see what we can do for your game.  Make-Up date is August 4th & 5th.  If unable to make that date, please call Coach Tim Sr at 772-207-7766 to schedule a private session to be evaluated.  



                                               Saturday July 31st

Check in                                  Tryout time                              Age

8:15am                                    9:00am-10:30am                     10, 11, 12

10:15am                                  11:30am-1:30am                        13, 14

1:15pm-2:15pm                       2:15pm-4:15pm                         15, 16

4:15pm-5:15pm                      5:15pm-7:15pm                         17, 18

Make-up's Wednesday August 4th     6:30pm-8pm  10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Make-up's Thursday August 5th        6:30pm-8pm  15, 16, 17, 18   

Why Play Club Volleyball?

Why play club volleyball for UPONTOP Volleyball Academy?  UPONTOP Volleyball Academy focuses on every player, not just one player.  We develop your child's skill level and give them opportunity where other clubs do not.  We are not just talk, we actually produce. 

UPONTOP Volleyball Academy has had more Players come from our program and go on to play College Volleyball than ANY other club on the Treasure Coast....It's not even your homework and you will see.   We have a Full-Time "College Recruitment Coordinator" on staff to assist you with getting your child a college scholarship.  No other club has a College Recruitment Coordinator on staff. 

WE are not just talk, WE are proven and WE produce.    

UPONTOP's cost to play Club Volleyball is typically significantly much less than our competitors.  We give more practices & more tournaments & most importantly more opportunity.  We offer significantly better payment plans as well as better payment options.  We know Club Volleyball can be pricey so we work with our families, especially when they have hardships. We offer fundraising opportunities to pay your tuition and also allow you and/or your child to work off your tuition at our gym.   Many have found their child appreciates the value of playing club volleyball much more significant when they actually work and earn it on their own.


We have our own Private Gym which allows us to give Private Lessons to further your childs development.  Ask yourself this - If players from other clubs come to UPONTOP in their off-season for training or Private Lessons...what does that tell you? 


We also offer Skills classes, have a pro-shop for your equipment needs, a concession stand on site and probably most significant is that we have SET practice schedules!  Our schedules are out in advance and do not rotate times and locations every week. 


At UPONTOP Volleyball Academy we allow you to

"Plan Volleyball around your life, not plan your Life around Volleyball!"

If you have any quesitions about UPONTOP Volleyball Academy's Programs or classes please feel free to contact Coach Tim at 772-203-5304.  He will gladly answer your questions.  If he is unavailable simply leave a message and he will return your call