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Our three coaches are all former volleyball players at the Men's Collegiate Level. The coaches will provide high-intensity instruction that will push your child to be a better volleyball player.


Our goal for each player in our program: become the best athlete on your High School/Club team.

What is the coaching like?

How many practices are in the monthly program?

The monthly program consists of practices on Tuesdays & Saturdays. You get approximately 9 practices with the monthly program.


There are 3 monthly sessions.

May 17th- June 18th

June 21st - July 23rd

July 26th - Aug 23rd

What is the cost of the beach training program?

The beach program at UpOnTop will be paid through monthly training fees.

No athlete will be turned away.


We welcome ages 10 - 18 to come and practice to be better volleyball players.

Summer 2022 Monthly Training Fee: $150 per month (per player)

Is the monthly program required.

No, it is not required but highly encouraged. If you cannot commit to the monthly training and can only attend a few training sessions, then you can register for the drop-in option, however, the drop-ins are limited. All classes must be registered online, & no walk-ups.

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